Snowstorm January 2016

Just now getting around to posting some pictures from the snowstorm from this past weekend. Winterstorm Jonas hit Richmond Friday afternoon and left behind roughly 22 inches of snow. First time being in the new house and having snow was actually quite fun. I was able to get a few projects done in between shoveling off the driveway and keeping the heat pump free of snow and ice.

Overall, I saw roughly 22 inches of snow in the yard with snow drifts of 4 to 5 foot in some places. The snow piles made from clearing off the driveway were almost pretty tall; around 5 foot tall.









Of course I was not able to keep the heat pump from freezing up and being buried with snow from the wind.


But after some time, I was able to defrost the heat pump.

20160123_165944 20160123_165954



Don’t forget all of the shoveling I did!

20160124_110155 20160124_110202 IMG_20160124_110213 20160124_110150 20160124_110139 20160124_110117 20160124_110113 20160124_110108


AND the snow-garitas!


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