It all began with a casual weekend trip to Lynchburg, VA, Tyler’s hometown…

While in Lynchburg, Tyler wanted to go downtown to a family owned jewelry store, Bowen’s, to start looking for the perfect engagement ring. He found a way to slip out of the house with his father while Abigail was preoccupied hanging out with Tyler’s mother. Looking at numerous settings and various stones, Tyler believed he had customized the right one.

A week had gone by since the trip to Lynchburg when Tyler got a call from the jewelry store saying that the ring was ready to pick up. Tyler didn’t want Abigail to know that he was taking a trip back to Lynchburg to get the ring, so he came up with a story saying that he “had to work on a Saturday”.

Tyler made the five hour round trip to Lynchburg and back home to Richmond “while at work”. The ring had been purchased!

A few weeks had gone by and Tyler was ready to start the next step. He wanted to get the blessing from Abigail’s parents….

Tyler mentioned to Abigail’s father that he wanted to come over to talk about a few things while Abigail was downtown viewing a dance performance with her mother. After a nice glass of wine and a pleasant talk, Tyler had her father’s blessing.

It was now time for Tyler to figure out how he was going to ask Abigail. Tyler thought that July 4th, while watching fireworks, would be the perfect time! However, Friday before the 4th of July, Tyler found out that the fireworks over the James River, that he was going to take Abigail to, were no longer going to be held. It was now on to plan B. Tyler thought that cooking a nice romantic dinner would be a great idea. However, his plan was interrupted yet again when his neighborhood randomly lost power. Tyler was determined to propose that day as he spent numerous hours getting the house ready and himself prepped, so it was on to plan C…

On July 2nd, 2016 Tyler called Abigail and told her to come over for dinner and to arrive promptly at 6:45pm. Without power, Tyler was still able to cook a nice dinner utilizing only his grill. When Abigail got to Tyler’s house he met her out front and instructed her to go through the front door. Abigail opened the door and was surprised to find pictures strung up in the foyer from significant dates throughout their first year of dating. On the floor was red rose petals leading from the front door out to the back deck. As Abigail followed the trail of petals she passed through the dining room in which she saw a bouquet of three red roses. She picked up the bouquet and proceeded out to the back deck. Once outside Tyler had Abigail sit down. He explained how the three roses were to symbolize the past, the present, and the future. Tyler declared his love to Abigail and then popped the question! Completely surprised and caught off guard, Abigail said YES!

Tyler then opened up his grill and there was an amazing dinner that he had prepared. They ate and then spent the rest of the evening sharing the exciting news with their families. Everyone was excited!

After nearly 6 years together, they were finally getting hitched!


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